The Trad21 Initiative

Our TRAD 21 INITIATIVE is underway for the Middle School and High School!  You will start to see students using technology throughout their daily instruction.  Because TRAD 21 is such a huge initiative, we will begin the process in August 2013 with every ninth grade student receiving Chromebooks to use throughout their instruction day. These Chromebooks will be theirs to use throughout their high school experience.  Hardcover textbooks will be replaced with e-textbooks and will be completely accessible through the internet!   Each year after that, every freshmen class will receive Chromebooks when they enter high school.  Middle school students will start to see Chromebook Carts in their classrooms; however, these Chromebooks will only be accessible for student use throughout the instructional day and on an as-needed basis per the teacher.  Middle school students will just have to wait until they get into high school to have their own Chromebooks!   Take a look at the TRAD 21 INITIATIVE POWERPOINT presentation for the details about how Chromebooks will be infiltrating Cedarville High School for the next four years! 

First - Trad21 School Board Presentation

Second - Trad21 Initiative Presentation 



Principal's Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Cedarville Middle and High Schools.  Our goal is to provide students with the best well-rounded education both in and outside the classroom that teaches, challenges and develops the mind, body, and character and prepares responsible graduates who contribute to society.  

We believe extracurricular activities are important for student success and development as a whole person.  We are proud of our excellent tradition in the arts, athletics, as well as our award winning academic teams. 

Education is a partnership between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  Communication and teamwork by all are vital to student success.  When we work together, students benefit and have a more fulfilling educational experience.

We are rich in tradition and thankful for our students, parents, and community.  We are committed to excellence and look to opportunities to continue to improve our schools. 

I invite you to join us in our commitment to excellence. For more information on Cedarville Middle and High Schools, please call us or visit our district website at  We look forward to meeting you.


Chad Haemmerle, Principal 


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