Chad Mason - Superintendent

It is the mission of the Cedar Cliff Local School District to:  Provide students with the best well-rounded education that teaches, challenges and develops the mind, body and character and prepares responsible graduates who contribute within society.  

Chad Mason - Superintendent

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Last year, as I became acclimated to both the position of superintendent and to the traditions and norms of Cedar Cliff Schools, I wrote that I had, “quickly discovered Cedar Cliff Local School District was one of the best small schools in the state.”  I must admit, I was wrong in my assumption.  Cedar Cliff Local School District is not one of the best small schools in the state; Cedar Cliff Local School District is one of the best schools in the state—regardless of size

Our mission statement is alive and well.  The faculty and staff work, along with the Board of Education and the community, very diligently to provide the best education possible for our students and our students enjoy much success in the process.

Consider the following:  ACT test scores are above state and national averages, Cedarville Elementary and Cedarville High School regularly achieve great results on state standardized  tests, a small student population allows Cedar Cliff students to readily participate in extra- and co-curricular activities designed to teach and enhance one’s body and character, as well as one’s mind, and the TRAD21 one-to-one initiative will eventually place technology in the hands of every  student grades 6-12, while providing resources for elementary classrooms as well.

Welcome to the Cedar Cliff Local School District website.  Feel free to peruse the materials and do your own investigation.  I know you will quickly discover, excellence abounds in the Cedar Cliff School System.

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Know a child that you suspect has a disability? 

Ohio school districts are required to provide interventions when school-age students are experiencing difficulties or post where ADA complaints are to be filed.  As a result, parents or educators may suspect a disability and referrals can be made for evaluations which are free of charge and will determine if a child living in the district has a disability or if a civil complaint procedure is deemed necessary.  

For more information contact:

Mary Ann Fenwick, Special Education Supervisor 937-766-6000 ext. 1172


During the 2014-15 school year,

0 incidents of bullying in the elementary

2 incidents of bullying in the middle school

0 incidents of bullying in the high school